The 'Elective Intubation' procedure, ie the coma, aims to deliver oxygen to the patient's lungs using a ventilator to increase the oxygen level. The meaning of patient sleep is an intubation procedure to COVID-19 patients who need the assistance of a respirator.

In determining the patient is put to sleep when the patient’s oxygen level is low and suffers from respiratory failure. This happens when the oxygen level in the blood is very low while the carbon dioxide level is very high.

Before the patient stops breathing or faints on his own, they give him sleep medication and insert a breathing tube into his trachea to send oxygen to the lungs. The patient's health will be closely monitored by a physician throughout the duration of the treatment.

COVID-19 patients are categorized into one to five which is category one for asymptomatic patients, two with mild symptoms, third with symptoms and pneumonia. Category four who suffer from pneumonia and need oxygen while category five, critically ill patients who suffer from organ failure.

Thetole Herbs Anti Virus

Thetole antivirus herbs are mainly homegrown (non-chemical farm) combine with Chinese Herbs. Mainly cooling down the liver, lungs, intestine, stomach and kidney.

These cooled down toxic will be dissolved into your body system to be discharged slowly. It has also built up your immune system as well as increases your platelets. These are all your natural defence system in your body.

Acupuncture Treatment & Herbal Treatments

Thetole herbs with treating patients suffering from COVID-19 and other diseases using natural remedies at The Tole Neuro Acupuncture Treatment and Herbal Medicine. The traditional methods of Neuro acupuncture and herbal medicines used to treat disease are resurfacing. Acupuncture has been around for more than 5000 years.

So many COVID-19 patients suffer from severe side effects, which further deteriorate their bodies. DSTM Dato Tole works diligently with his patients, curing both their mind and body with his herbal remedies. The power of nature is strong by using natural medicines to find a COVID-19 cure with The Tole method.