Following the worldwide outbreak, WHO classifies COVID 19 as a pandemic, with Europe now at the center of the disease. To combat this new virus, all countries need to take immediate action and improve the response rate to treat, detect and reduce infections to save lives.

Thetole Acupuncture have concerns about the safety of the vaccine especially among cancer patients have led many of them to remain skeptical and refuse to register for Covid-19 vaccine injections. Last February, the Malaysian Ministry of Health (MOH) confirmed that cancer patients could receive the Covid-19 vaccine injection, after obtaining confirmation of their health status from a physician.

Even though confirmation has been given, some still think that cancer patients do not need to get the vaccine because they are undergoing treatment for the cancer. Explaining this, Gleneagles Medini Hospital Johor Clinical Oncology Consultant, Dr Mohd Roslan Haron has said that cancer patients if infected are at risk of getting Covid-19 disease which is more serious and more harmful than the general public.

This is because cancer patients generally have lower levels of immunity or resilience than individuals without cancer. Therefore, cancer patients need to get vaccinated to reduce the likelihood to a more serious level, if they become infected. Patients stressed that vaccines are very important, especially for cancer patients who also suffer from other chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and kidney disease. The vaccine given will increase immunity and resistance to the Covid-19 virus, thus reducing the risk of getting an infection at levels 3, 4 and 5.

Here are some things to keep in mind when using masks, such as:

  • Wash your hands before putting on a mask.
  • Cover your mouth and nose so that there is no gap between the face and the mask.
  • Avoid touching the mask while using it.
  • Replace the mask with a new one when it feels damp.
  • Throw it in the trash can and wash it immediately.
  • Do not wipe eyes, nose, mouth, and face with dirty hands.

The Tole Treatment for Covid-19

The Tole treatment method is based on 145 years of research and collection of information on cancer and other diseases, and its amazing results for advanced covid-19 patients are strong testimony to its success. The Tole method is not only effective, it is also easy to access. Patients can email their medical results to the Tole Center and the Master, along with his assistants, will review the case and prescribe treatment accordingly.

The Tole consists of a combination of herbal remedies and Thetole’s neuro-acupunctural methods used after taking into account factors such as the patient’s medical history, age, general health condition, the parts of the body effected by the cancer cells. Immediate to get the top herbs to fight this virus so that people can live a healthy life. This herbs should drink daily to build up immune system at TheTole Shop. Just click the link and select for order herbs then TheTole Acupuncture will delivered to your house.