This inflammation is also called lung scarring. Usually, once the patient has healed, the inflammation or injury will heal. However, when it heals, it will leave scars.

For COVID-19 patients, even if they have recovered, it is possible that they have scars in the lungs. This causes some symptoms such as shortness of breath and prolonged cough.

Lung fibrosis, a scarring of the lungs, is a common cause for hospitalisations due to its severity. Patients with lung fibrosis tend to be affected more severely as covid attacks the lungs first. This can scare the lungs badly.

In addition to COVID-19 infection, lungs scars also occurs as a result of individuals or patients being exposed to dust and grime for a long time or being exposed to fungal infections.

Imagine a patient feeling like walking on flat ground, yet having to struggle like climbing the high Mount Everest. This condition causes inflammation and scarring to accumulate in the lungs, making it difficult to carry oxygen into the bloodstream effectively.

Over time, the lungs will become stiff and this is what makes the respiratory muscles have to work harder just to draw air in each time you breathe. The brain will detect this pressure and send an alert through symptoms of difficulty breathing (shortness of breath) when performing a movement.

Thetole Herbs for COVID-19

Thetole experts are confident that the impact of scarring, not only on the lungs but also the liver and heart, can be reversed if treated immediately with the correct combination of herbs, exercise, and dieting.Powerful herbs are needed to reverse this fibrosis. Patients are advised that it may take a long time but should be seen as a herbal vitamin for the lungs.

COVID-19 Herbs are helping in expelling the COVID-19 virus as well as cooling the lungs and resolving lung scarring problem. Thetole herbs cool down the lungs as well as the stomach and kidney, it also balances up the immune system and platelets and get an energy booster. It can heat up and energized the lungs normally very effective in early cases.

COVID-19 Herbs Cure with Thetole Centre

Acupuncture has been practiced for over 5000 years. Today, with the increase in medical advances, fewer people are taking advantage of the ancient yet amazing healing powers of acupuncture.

Fine needles are stuck into the body at certain points located along specific pathways on the body. With this process, patients can be cured of ailments ranging from a COVID-19.

People from 160 countries from all over the world visit The Tole acupuncture to find answers to their questions and treatments for their diseases. Their testimonials have given words to the successes of Dato' Master Tole. Patients looking for a treatment for COVID-19 with Thetole will not be disappointed.

For those who are unable to visit the Thetole Medical Center, the website provides important information regarding ways that this gap can be bridged. Visitors must simply email or WhatsApp the Medical Center the disease they are battling along with some background information before The Tole sends out a customized herbal package.