The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States reports, of the total number of COVID-19 patients hospitalized, 90 percent have at least one chronic disease.

Among them are high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes mellitus, lung disease and heart disease. The vast majority of COVID-19 patients who experience severe symptoms, complications or death, are diagnosed with diabetes. Among the factors that contribute to the level and effect of COVID-19 infection are the amount of virus, viral replication in the lungs and also the immune reaction to the virus.

80 percent of patients infected with COVID-19 will recover because their immune systems respond normally. Yet in some patients, the immune system overreacts causing the patient’s condition to deteriorate.

Some Fact Checks

One of the theories of scientists as to why diabetics have a higher risk is because of an compromised or abnormal immune system. This causes a difference in the immune response to COVID-19 infection. This problem is also seen in diabetic patients who are infected with other germs such as influenza and bacteria.

Thetole acupuncture believe immune system train to fight against COVID-19 virus only the human whole system more sensitive and react very fast against covid virus. Therefore the antibody gain other disease or problem ie tumor, cysts, fibroid, oxygen related problem will be compromised(not an effective defense system).

For diabetic patients may find some parts of their toes turning black after contracting COVID-19.Thetoles’ experts identify this as resulting from a slower Qi flow in the whole body that will result in areas of the body turning black, primarily the toes. Similarly, a diabetic patient’s eye-sight may start to weaken due to the same reason, or find that their glucose readings may fluctuate greatly.

Therefore, patients with diabetes need to take good care of their health, especially in ensuring the treatment given by doctors to ensure that the sugar content in the body is controlled.

In addition, it is also necessary to control the intake of foods, especially those that contain high levels of sugar or carbohydrates. In addition, practice also social imprisonment and hygiene. This is very important to avoid getting an infection because prevention is better than cure.

Benefits of COVID-19 Remedies with TheTole

To address this problem, Thetole utilises specially grown herbs to dissolve any present clots which are determined if there is a high d-dimer, lumps, cyst, inflammations in the body and to improve Qi flow.The treatments also address numbness of limbs and headaches which may occur, or even back soreness around the kidney area due to blood flow problems. Nerve pain could also be from the same reasons.

Herbal medication customized according to individual patient needs can be delivered to a patient’s doorstep regardless of their location. DSTM Dato Tole and his powerful words regarding the use of the Tole treatment have helped move many. His genuine care and understanding towards his patients contributes to a variety of innovative treatments used worldwide. The Tole’s website provides detailed information regarding the treatment.